What Are The Different Types Of Concrete?

What Are The Different Types Of Concrete?

With the growing industries and technologies, the concrete industries are at the top of the competition. Concrete is the most vitally used material. It is being used in every other field, whether mitigating the pollution, or construction of houses and buildings.

There are now different types of concrete being used in the market. The various types of concrete are given different names with some unique qualities. This classification is basically based on the following factors.

1. The material that is being used in the formation.

2. The density of concrete.

3. Nature of the stress and tension.

Further, the concrete is classified as following.

1. Lightweight concrete. Concrete that is having less density is considered to be lightweight concrete. The aggregates that are used in this type of concrete include scoria, pumice, other artificial materials such as clay and shale, and other processed raw materials like vermiculite and perlite.

The most important feature of lightweight concrete is that its thermal conductivity is very low. There is a big difference between plain concrete and lightweight concrete. This concrete is brought to use depending on the composition. These are also used as building blocks.


2. Permeable concrete. It is prepared in such a way that water can easily permeate through it, thus the name is permeable concrete. The voids present in this concrete make it so. This concrete is mostly used in areas where stormwater is an issue.

3. Vacuum concrete. This concrete has more amount of water as compared to others. But the excess water that is left after the use is eliminated from the concrete. It is done with the help of vacuum pumps. This technique helps the concrete to attain strength easily.

4. High-density concrete. Also called heavyweight concrete, prepared by using rocks that have been crushed into pieces. Barytes is the most essential material. It can provide protection from every kind of radiation.

5. Plain concrete. This is the most commonly used concrete. The essential raw materials to be used in this type of concrete are sand, cement, or other aggregates. These constituents are then designed and then mixed with water in a particular ratio. It is commonly used in the construction of dams.

6. Precast concrete. It is a type of concrete that is molded in a shape in the factories. These are not brought to use until it is completely hardened and set. Some of these types of concrete are fence posts, concrete blocks, staircase units, concrete lintels, etc.

7. Reinforced concrete. In this type of concrete, steel is used as a reinforcement tool to give high tensile strength. The combined result of concrete and steel gives this type of concrete. It is basically cast into the bars, rods, meshes, and other conceivable shapes. It is capable of bearing every stress while construction. It is the most crucial type of concretes.

These are some of the most popular types of concretes that are brought to use these days. But each of it is used after permanent setting and hardening of the concrete. They are prepared with special equipment and places.